What The Good Results Of Nintendo Reveal

What the good results of Nintendo reveal

What the good results of Nintendo reveal

Driven by the success of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run on smartphones, the Japanese video game giant is entering a new phase with the upcoming commercialization of its new console, the Switch, which is expected to reconnect, hopefully, with The tops of the Wii.


They gave the  there six months. And yet, once again, Nintendo is reborn from its ashes. The Japanese group said Tuesday January 31 that it recorded its first profit in 4 quarters, for the period October-December. Over a period of 9 months until the end of December, the Kyoto giant said it gained 10.7 billion yen (nearly 90 million euros) thanks to mobile games, accessories and derivatives. In the last half-year, he was able to count on the release of Pokemon Go a game of Niantic and The Pokemon Company (of which he is a shareholder, which enabled him to pocket 16 billion yen, or 130 million euros ), But also on the arrival of Mario Bros on iPhone with Super Mario Run which has been downloaded more than 78 million times (but the paid version convinced only 5% of the players).

In France, Nintendo is showing its good days as it claims the title of number one seller of video games in the hexagon, with 4.311 million titles sold in 2016, an increase of 6% in one year. It owes this good trend in large part to the 3DS, its portable console, which alone represents 3.265 million games over the year. It also sold 697,000 3DS in France in 2016, an increase of 2%. The installed base of 3DS now reaches 4.76 million machines.

In detail, the games that come out the best are Pokemon Moon and Sun, which together reach 854,000 units on 3DS. This is the best launch recorded by Nintendo in France, concedes Philippe Lavoué, CEO France.

Digital and physical are complementary

But what must we see behind this return to grace? “Applications can have a beneficial effect on physical gaming,” he said, adding that “more than 200,000 players have come to Pokemon Go” on the new titles of the portable console. Pokemon Sun and comes in 3 e position of the top selling games in France and Pokemon Moon in the 5 th position.

And that’s not all, Nintendo can also rest on Yo Kaï Watch, its new license which displays 260,000 sales opus is announced for the spring. The publisher now expects sales of more than 500,000 copies.

And last but not least , Nintendo was able to rely on the fiber of retro-gaming thanks to the mini-Nes that left more than 84,000 copies. And to regret having “under-dimensioned the phenomenon”. As a result, Nintendo foresees more blows on this niche.

Nintendo draws lessons for its near future in general and for its new console, the Switch, which is in boxes and whose marketing begins on March 3. “Focus on digital is a mistake. Our ideal scenario is realized. Apps do not cannibalize physical games, quite the contrary. They create sales, “rejoices Philippe Lavoué.

This is why the publisher now foresees three major applications per year. Fire Emblem is scheduled to arrive in February. And Animal Crossing should finally arrive for the next fiscal year (which starts in April). After being rather chilly in the apps market, Nintendo catches up with lost time and weaves very juicy bridges between smartphones and home consoles.

And to add, “it’s a good thing for the launch of the Switch that offers a new way of playing.” The new machine presents itself as a hybrid device that makes as much game of living room as portable game while reconnecting with the fancy of the family games of the Wii. And this translates into similar levels of pre-sales between the two consoles (he expects sales of 2 million units on the first month).

Then , saying that two home games for the launch is very little (Zelda Breath of the Wild and February 1 Switch), Philippe Lavoué replies that “for the Wii U, there Had plenty of games to launch at the end of 2012 … and it did not work. ” “We are on a promise that we think solid. There are 100 games under development. And we have all our franchises that are at the rendezvous. Obviously, we will not be unanimous. But let’s explain the difference Switch. And then the market needs this proposal. ” Nintendo too. He also reduced his annual forecast … A bad omen. Investors are not convinced by a 38% drop in operating income over one year and a 27% drop in revenues. The stock fell on the stock market Wednesday morning.


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