The Newcomer Does Not Want To Be A Junior Partner

The newcomer does not want to be a junior partner


In Stuttgart he Mercedes-Benz -Museum has the formula -1-team Mercedeshis new driver on Monday presented. The Silver Arrow pilot directs the first battle to Lewis Hamilton.

The empty barstool in the Mercedes-Benz museum is not just a chance to be found right in front of the legendary silver arrow by Juan Manuel Fangio from 1955. This man will take a place to write down the glorious motorsport history of the Stuttgart coach In fact, he is:  Formula 1 racing driver from Finland, successor of world champion  , new member of the  racing family, and says “Hello.”

His waisted shirt still shines white, and he probably changed it. Because Bottas is the middle to bring a well-organized inaugural visit behind him, after he made his native Finland in on Monday morning  has arrived. In Möhringen he received his service card, visited the factory in Untertürkheim and looked over the shoulder of the band; He smiled in many cameras and shook more hands. He is still doing this, in the early evening in the museum, as Bottas is to explain how it feels to be a new  Pilot.

Stoic long-suffering of a Finn

“It still feels great,” says Bottas, a polite, reserved man with blond hair, who still has many other warm words ready for his new employer. With the stoic long-suffering of a Finn he takes the many appointments behind him and has no trouble to show himself at any time friendly and obliging. Because he knows exactly: it is the chance of his life. His eyes therefore shine no less than his upper shirt.

On 2 December 2016, the day wholly unexpectedly declares his immediate resignation, Bottas also took the phone and selected the number of the  sports car, Toto Wolff. Almost all  1 drivers have done this to apply for the world championship, which has suddenly become vacant. Bottas von Wolff, who was not only a  driver, but also his personal manager, also received positive signals . “But  can do anything,” says Bottas, “you can only be sure when the ink is dry “.

He had to be patient for six weeks. Toto Wolff elucidated the break-up modalities with Williams, Bottas’ longtime racing team, and consoling Pascal Wehrlein, who had also hoped. On 16 January it was so far: Wehrlein hired at Sauber, Williams persuaded Felipe Massa to postpone his career end – and Bottas signed on to, as eleventh silver arrow pilot of the story.

Boss and good friend

As his manager Wolff can no longer function in the new constellation. “He is now my boss, but still a good friend,” says Bottas – and at the same time he knows: the wire to the sports chef will only help him from now on. “I have not been caught because I am a nice guy – I have to get the best out of the car.”

Nobody needs to explain to him that the pressure in the team of the Subscription Constructor of the World Cup could not be greater. This was Bottas ‘ impression when he recently presented himself at the  1 headquarters of the racing team in Brackley, England. “What impressed me the most was this success story, which still exists there after the many titles. They do everything they can to get even better, “says Bottas.

The threat of Lewis Hamilton’s father (“Lewis kills driver, he is a career killer”) would not have been needed to let Bottas know that the greatest possible opponent would sit in his own team. At the bitter rivalry at Hamilton, Rosberg was almost broken. Bottas wants to tackle the duel positively. He has “no problem”, he sees it rather as a “huge opportunity”.

As Bottom’s wife, Bottas certainly does not regard himself as a junior partner. Although the Finn still has no victory after 77 Grand Prix in the Williams car show – at the wheel of  should change this however fast. “It does not match my mentality to settle for second place,” says Bottas. “My only goal is to win and become world champion.” Best of all in his first season. Only one year, it is said, runs his contract – a year on trial so to speak. “I know I have

power room – now it’s getting serious. On February 23, the new  W08 will be presented in Silverstone, the first test rounds on the Grand Prix circuit in England will be immediately thereafter. The start of the season follows on 26 March with the first race in Melbourne, Bottas’ silver podium debut.

So the friendly Finn leaves his barstool in the  Museum again. The next dates are set, has no time to lose: “I can not wait to start.”


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