Should We Crack For The Canon Eos 5D Mark IV

Should we crack for the Canon Eos 5D Mark IV?

Latest in the professional range of the Japanese giant, its new Reflex will seduce all connoisseurs. For the photo as for the video.

The excessive use of smartphones and other photophones has finally made us forget the joy that comes from that of a camera Reflex. Especially when it comes to the Canon Eos 5D Mark IV. This is a reference that does not go unnoticed. The latest addition to the professional range of the Japanese photo giant is tilt among all connoisseurs.

No doubt to have, the new Reflex is a star in the country of the racing beasts, whether for the photo or even the video. The case hides under its hood a CMOS sensor 24 × 36 of 30.4 million pixels. It also makes it possible to make videos in 4K, the ultra high definition format, from now on rigor. With 7 frames per second in burst mode, it ensures on the other hand a reactivity of first order. It finally proposes Dual Pixel Raw files that will delight professionals for the postproduction … It is impossible to enter the meandering technical characteristics of this machine as they flirt with excellence.

The thunderbolt is immediate. After having been conquered by the interchangeable optical hybrids, lighter and discrete, one can legitimately ask the question of the comfort of such an apparatus. No need to worry, the weight of the case (800 grams) is by no means a handicap. And if the focal length (when testing a 16-35 mm at f / 2.8L USM) makes the whole package heavier, the non-slip grip allows for a robust grip. To this is added a comfort of sighting formidable. And if the back of the device can scare at first, so much it abounds of buttons, the navigation is fluid and simplified by both the joystick and the touch screen.

But it is especially the overall rendering of the shots that is amazing. The slightest snapshot is sublimated by the performance of the Eos. A true enchantment, whether in the open air or in low light, in video mode or in image mode.

Added to this are a few novelties that have become essential, such as the Wi-Fi connection that will allow, via the Canon application, to remotely manage clichés or share them on social networks. As for the GPS, it comes in addition to the many features, to geolocate its production.

The price of 4,100 euros for the bare box is necessarily creaking teeth, especially when compared to its predecessor the Mark III. But the 5D Mark IV is aimed above all at professionals or amateurs very savvy … who do not intend to be satisfied with the roughly. Especially for the video.




One feels that one has in hand an apparatus capable of holding the blow over time. Resistant to water and dust


A full frame for the most demanding who will be conquered in photos as in video.



The connection

Connecting the smartphone to the device was not easy during the test.

The video output

The camera offers 4K videos but it has a Full HD output. Find the mistake.


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