Sensual Irritation of Women at Workplace

They can resort to legal solutions to protect themselves from sexual harassment, but very few cases go to court. Employees making complaints about this are very few, and because they feel guilty or afraid they will not be believed, say psychologists.

They legislation sanctions sexual harassment at work. Article 223 of the New Criminal Code, Chapter Crimes against Freedom and Sexual Integrity, provides that “repeatedly claiming sexual favors in a working relationship or similar relationship if the victim was intimidated or put in a humiliating, shall be punished by imprisonment from 3 months to one year or a fine “. Even if we have legislation that protects victims in such cases, there are no prison sentences in Romania, and there were not many fines, and that’s because complaints from employees are very few.

Samples that are accepted

Sexual harassment can take various forms, from touching and consolation (physical harassment), unwanted comments about private life (verbal harassment) and threats of job loss or denial of promotion / wage growth in the case of rejection of sexual advances (harassment Quid pro quo). It can be direct, through verbal and physical aggression, or indirect, by behaviors that isolate, discriminate or exclude the person concerned on the basis of role-play. From statements, writings, photos, expertise, video and audio footage, there are many materials accepted as evidence in court. “Witnesses, emails that do not have content related to the service, sms and audio or video recordings are useful in the case of sexual harassment,” says the lawyer. While in countries such as the United Kingdom or the US, women do not hesitate to complain about sexual harassment at work, in Romania, women prefer to silence them. “Often, they do not know their rights. There are many organizations in the US that protect women in such a situation and make them free legal aid. There is no space in which the rights of some categories of people are discussed, “says Adrian Briscan, lawyer.


Harassed women often choose the worst evil

Psychologist Keren Rosner also points out that victims of sexual harassment in Romania feel helpless, first of all, because they do not really think they are supported by legislation. Then, obviously, there is the theme of losing his job, “because there are cases where a refusal involves consequences of this kind, besides being punished, criticized, given more work and getting to live even greater tensions than sexual harassment itself, “Rosner explains. “Often, women in this situation choose the worst evil, sometimes they fear they do not have credibility if they tell what they are going through. I have encountered in the cabinet cases of people who have argued that everything that is happening is in their imagination, that they are the ones who invite to harassment or to these behaviors, that they are only those who interpret the skews in a certain way ” , says the psychologist.

Portrait of the aggressor
People who are accustomed to harassing often develop a special, refined technique: they have different behaviors in different contexts. Thus, Rosner states that he can be an aggressor presenting himself in public and in the family as a serious person, while his employees, in particular, will manifest themselves altogether. “In the recent case, I met a convinced employee that no one would think she was harassed by the boss, because her boss was a gentleman who was a convinced family. And it is a logical reaction because in the case of these dual harassers the denial can occur. That’s why sexual harassment is so difficult to prove, because it’s the word of the aggressor against the victim’s word, without any other witnesses or concrete evidence, “says Rosner.

The calvary lived by the victim

From a psychological point of view, the harassed woman is going through a real calvary. On the one hand, she feels powerless, on the other hand she is disturbed, scared and angry because of advances from a colleague or a boss. He starts to go horribly to a service that pleases him, because he does not know how to avoid that person. He feels trapped in a trap.

What women need to understand

Psychologist Keren Rosner points out that when a woman is a victim of sexual harassment she has to talk about it and that it is no shame for an employee to look good or to dress in a certain way. “Serious cases of sexual harassment in the West have been successful when several women have joined and talked about what happened to them at work, where a harasser is known to be hired as an aggressor. When they unite, women can no longer be ignored and action must be taken in one way or another, “she says.

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