No one has better Technology than Dayton Freight!

No one has better Technology than Dayton Freight!

A strong statement, but we can back it up. From inbound planning and onboard computers to dock scanning and specialized maintenance software, we create and deploy state of the art technology wherever it can benefit our customers in terms of faster, more flexible service. Engineered inhouse by our team of designers and programmers, we understand that on time, intact delivery and real time freight status are your priorities. As a leader in the use of technology to improve all operations, Dayton Freight will continue to invest in those processes that offer real value to our customers in terms of consistent, high-quality service.

No one has better Technology than Dayton Freight

Dayton Freight believes that “Knowledge is power.” That is why one of our core competencies is the generation and use of relevant information about your shipments. Internally, we focus on the use of data to analyze costs, employee performance, equipment maintenance and routes. For customers, real-time information about shipments is available at the click of a button – and is more accurate and powerful than ever before. Our early adoption of information technology has given us the tools to measure and improve – resulting in better service for our customers.

No one has better Technology than Dayton Freight!

The creation and implementation of new technology supports our pledge to improve all processes. Inbound planning, centralized billing and dock scanning initiatives may be invisible to customers, but all play a role in enhancing the quality of service we offer.

Using proven IBM System i technology with a supporting Windows server network, we are able to provide reliable data 24/7. From our state-of-the-art data center, customers have real-time access to shipment information via EDI, Web or other electronic communication methods. In-house developers continuously update our freight management software to offer customers the most effective methods to leverage data contained in these systems.

Most everything we do – from software and marketing to Web site tools and customer service training – is created from the ground up by Dayton Freight employees. Rather than change our processes to fit a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all program, we believe our internal, customized approach allows us to manage your freight on a consistent, high-quality basis.


All of our trucks are “live” with onboard computer technology. We’ve created cutting edge software, designed around our current processes, to make this technology as customer-friendly as possible. The benefits of onboard computers include real-time email and web notification of pickup and delivery, improved data accuracy and load planning, and increased driver productivity and fuel efficiency. The bottom line? Faster service, and faster, more precise information.

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