Moment in the history: robots could be declared electronics persons


The resolution to grant sophisticated robots with a high degree of autonomy, the legal status of being considered “electronic persons” was adopted by the Committee on Legal Affairs of the European Parliament, reports The Independent .

#robotics Report adopted by Parliament includes a debate on the imposition of taxes for this type of robots. The report comes from the Luxembourg parliament Mady Delvaux and includes rules for defining of these individuals electronics, including interaction with humans.

proprietors robots need to remember a hard and fast of guidelines that forbid any kind of damage finished to humans. “A robotic might not damage humanity, or, by means of inactivity, permit humanity to come back to harm,” is the status of the robot. Delvaux also proposed a design that does not make him vulnerable countenance depend on the moods of man. The report will be voted in Parliament in February, demanding an absolute majority.

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