IT Integration and Web services API in Dayton Freight


Dayton Freight provides a robust suite of tools to integrate the shipping and tracking features of our web site into our customers’ systems. These tools range from transit data files and traditional EDI to web services. With multiple tools available, customers can choose how integration with Dayton Freight best works for their processes. Below you will find information about each type of tool offered. IT Integration and Web services API in Dayton Freight

Transit / Zip Code Data Files

Customers who wish to periodically import transit information into their system can do so by using the transit data files found at the link below. These data files are in the format most often requested by our customers. There are four files included in the transit matrix: Instruction File (PDF), Zip Code Listing file (text/csv), Service Center Transit Matrix file (text/csv), and Service Center Information file (text/csv).

If the information contained in these files does not suit your company’s needs, please contact and we’ll do our best to help you.

EDI –Electronic Data Interchange

IT Integration and Web services API in Dayton Freight helps Customers who would like to integrate their systems with Dayton Freight using traditional EDI can do so by submitting one or more of the request forms below to our EDI department. We currently support the following ANSI/X12 EDI transaction sets:

  • EDI/204 – Pickup Request (Motor Carrier Load Tender)
  • EDI/210 – Invoice (Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice)
  • EDI/211 – Bill of Lading (Carrier Bill of Lading)
  • EDI/214 – Delivery Status (Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message)
  • EDI/820 – Remittance Advice (Payment Order/Remittance Advice)
  • EDI/997 – Acknowledgement (Functional Acknowledgment) *No Request Form

If you have questions or concerns about EDI transactions, please email them to or call the Dayton Freight IT Department at 800.860.5102.

Web Services API 

Dayton Freight provides a suite of web services that allow a customer to integrate and utilize nearly all functions available on our web site in their own applications/systems. All services require the use of login credentials.
Before you can use our web services you will need to activate Web Services for your account. From the My Accounts page select Update Web Account Informaiton, select Yes for Enable Web Services and enter contact information.

IT Integration and Web services API in Dayton Freight

Examples of some of the services provided are:

  • Detailed Tracking Information
  • Image Requests (tiff files)
  • Transit Time Requests
  • Pickup Requests
  • Create Bill of Lading (PDF)
  • Rate Estimates

All of our earlier web services have been obsoleted and will be phased out over time.

Reference by: Dayton Freight

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