Investments in IT driven. The government established the post of coordinator for information technology


Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Dragos Tudorache, announced Wednesday that the level of Government, the Office of the Prime Minister, will appear post of coordinator for information technology.

“There is a new position in the landscape of government, namely the coordinator for information technology. There was much talk in recent months on the coherence of investments in IT made in Romania in the space of the central government in recent years. Our finding, after studies made to the Ministry of Communications and coming from business: it is clear that many of these investments have been ad hoc, without a consistency of purpose that we define the purpose for which it’s made that investment, the benefits of those systems iT bring to actually be the administration must work with them either citizens, which must be served by those systems. what we hope that this new form of organization and coordination of investments and policies iT will do is ensure that consistency in the decisions of opportunity, when deciding a new iT project, “said Tudorache, acting Minister of Communications, at Victoria Palace.

According to him, another objective that this coordinator for information technology in terms of internal IT resource.” The Minister explained that at the moment each ministry or agency each have one IT structure that manages this area. “What we found is that things essential basic that you have an organization like a government (…) there. so far (…) on those who deserve to be interoperable systems, because all the systems developed have relevance when connected. (… ) it is clear that iT systems that databases at this time are either ministries or agencies or authorities working for national or working in favor of the citizen, they will be linked because that will lead to a simplification of how the various documents, various procedures for citizens are brought to a conclusion and this will help not only citizens, but will also help officials in the administration because it will make your job easier. (…) Beyond these systems (… ) will be made a second stage of analysis and logic systems have seen that in themselves, then it is pointless to submit interoperability, and be connected.

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