What Laws For Techniques And an Increasingly Complex World

Increasingly Complex World, For Mickey McManus, President of Maya Design, it is urgent to adopt legislation governing the use of certain disruptive technologies (including 3D printing). And increase data security by privileging peer-to-peer cloud.

For Mickey McManus we have now entered the age of complexity. A complexity that the president of Maya Design. An American innovation laboratory, considers unprecedented in the history of mankind.According to him, it is based on two major trends: the emergence of technologies that give individuals unprecedented creative power; The multiplication of connected objects, on the other hand.

Increasingly Complex World

Increasingly Complex World

For the first dimension, let us mention in particular a major innovation: 3D printing. According to him, Increasingly Complex World this one is about to become massively accessible to the public, thanks to a reduction of costs and a miniaturization of the apparatuses: “The Italian company ONO proposes today a small 3D printer, for the sum of 99 Dollars.

Increasingly Complex World, Users will soon be able to send the plans of 3D objects to their respective smartphones, to launch the impression of the latter and to have them in hand shortly after. Voxel8 devices print both plastics and electronic circuits at once, enabling them to design ready-to-operate drones. In Paris, the Tech Shop Leroy Merlin allows anyone to register and produce what he wants. Building a physical object has never been easier. ”

Laws For Techniques

The Age of the Citizen Demiurge

And this trend is not confined to 3D printing. Robotics, drones, genetic manipulations that are being democratized.In the United States, the IGEM competition offers students to manipulate living organisms.All these changes that give citizens of the 21st century a creative capacity.Unpublished in the course of history.

According to Mickey McManus, it is imperative to establish rules of good conduct, so that this power given to each one produces the best and not the worst. To do so, he suggests looking back a century back to another age rich in innovations: “When Thomas Edison brought electricity to America, everyone could initially settle it freely at home, which provoked Of course many accidents.

Fifteen years later, America has put in place the National Electric Code, which gives precise instructions on the rules for an electrical installation. The same goes for the plumbing industry, where the implementation of the code prevented, for example, each person from pouring his wastewater into the town’s drinking water supply … “According to him, it is therefore urgent to establish a framework Legislative framework strictly governing the use of these new technologies. Increasingly Complex World.

A risk of increasing cyber attacks

Increasingly Complex World, The multiplication of connected objects also contributes to the creation of an increasingly complex world. “The internet of objects combines Moore’s law with Metcalfe’s law, which augurs an increase in exponential possibilities, and all the complexity that goes with it. IT is everywhere today. Of course, we derive a great deal of benefit from it, but we also see a growing number of cyber security risks. ”

Thus, on October 21, a massive cyber attack, using Denial of Service (3) technology, and based on the massive piracy of connected objects, paralyzed many US websites. In addition to the risks of cyber attacks, Mickey McManus is also concerned about the dangers to privacy.


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