In The Footsteps Of Karius And Bactus

In the footsteps of Karius and Bactus

From toothpaste to caries tunnel – to the day of dental health on September 25, children in the district center Fasanenhof learn everything about their teeth.

In the footsteps of Karius and Bactus

In a large shell on the floor are various food from wood: an apple, smarties and a slice of bread. A couple of children fish the items out and then place them in a plastic box. In the green box come all the foods that make their teeth happy and strong. In the pink box, on the other hand, everything that makes the teeth sticky and harms them. “The children learn by the way what their teeth need and what makes them happy,” explains Erna Köchel from the dental of the health club.

To the day of dental health on September 25th, the theme center at the Fasanenhof is all about healthy teeth. “If the children are having fun with it, then the information will also hang,” says Dietmar Barton from the Health Office. Together with the dental health workgroup, he and his colleagues have organized the “healthy starts in the mouth” campaign. A team of eight dentists and prophylaxis assistants explains the children everything about the right dental care. On Thursday, September 22, the action will be held by many playful stations. Primarily the offer is aimed at the pupils of the Fasanenhofschule and the nursery children of the district center. In the afternoon, everyone can have a look.

Main gain toothpaste

The ten-year-old Xenia and her sister Valeria of the same age are also present. They both see how well they cleaned their teeth in the carriages tunnel. For this they get a means on the teeth, which colors the plaque yellow. The black light in the carinthian tunnel then makes the colored areas visible. “How do your teeth look like?” Asks Kochel. “Pretty yellow,” reply the twins in unison. “Some children think: Great, I have yellow teeth,” says Kochel. “Then we explain to them what that really means.” To remove the plaque, it goes for the two further to the Zahnputzbrunnen. For this they arm themselves with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Using a denture model called Plappermax, they practice how the teeth are properly cleaned. Then it is said: Mouth up and unbuttoned.

At the acid table, the two learn how acidic drinks damage the molten tooth. For this, calcium carbonate, which also contains the molten tooth, is filled into a glass of water. Then comes a sip of citric acid again and again. “You can see how the calcium carbonate gradually dissolves,” explains Barton. “This is exactly what happens with the molten tooth.”

Even a wheel of fortune is ready in the district center. Each child must answer a question about tooth health after turning. Instead of usual sweets, there is for the right answer then a tube of toothpaste to gain.


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