Healthy Teeth To Avoid Many Cancers And Infarcts

Healthy teeth to avoid many cancers and infarcts


Oral hygiene is not just about comfort and aesthetics. It is also a matter of good health. It was already known that dental infections favored myocardial infarction.

An American team has just shown that a bacterium of buccal origin could promote colon cancer …

Healthy teeth avoid caners

An American team has just shown that a bacterium, rare in the intestine but frequent in the mouth, is found in colon tumors. The Fusobacterium nucleatum was until now held responsible for periodontitis or gum inflammation, which can lead to déchaussements teeth if they are not treated.

Contagious cancers

The discovery of this potentially carcinogenic bacterium brings two considerations.

The first is that we are finding more and more cancers caused by microbes. It’s like that :

  • Of liver cancer with hepatitis B or C viruses,
  • Of Burkitt’s lymphomas with Epstein Barr virus,
  • Of Kaposi’s syndrome with HIV,
  • Stomach cancer with helicobacter pylori,
  • Cancer of the cervix or the penis with the papilloma virus.

The discovery of the carcinogenic role of Fusobacterium nucleatum lengthens the list and reinforces the importance of preventive strategies, thanks to vaccines when they exist, or through unprotected sex. They also stress the importance of hygiene policies aimed at limiting contagion, including those of microbes responsible for some of these cancers (hepatitis B virus, helicobacter pylori).

The second reflection concerns the importance of good oral hygiene throughout one’s life. Any inflammation of the mouth, especially in the gums, can lead to strokes, myocardial infarction, endocarditis, graft rejection, etc. All this was well known. Now it is necessary to extend this list by colon cancer which is relatively common and is the subject of a policy of screening.

Oral Hygiene: What are the rules to follow?

Having good oral hygiene is not just about washing your teeth morning and night. To keep healthy teeth all your life it is essential to:

  • Consult once a year his surgeon dentist, and at the slightest pain of the gums or teeth,
  • Buy soft-tooth brushes that do not damage the gums,
  • Change his toothbrush every month, two months or three months at the most,
  • Have a toothbrush in his bag for lunch or have a toothbrush in the office,
  • Have a good toothpaste, rich in fluoride,
  • Use a mouthwash with a disinfectant at the slightest irritation of the mouth,
  • Clean between the teeth once a day with a dental floss or an interdental spray (or even interdental brushes in case of frequent stuffing).
  • Use a tongue scraper if it is loaded (the whitish coating that covers it is also tartar rich in microbes),
  • Do not eat after the brushing of the teeth of the evening (especially nibbling in front of the TV …),
  • Do not eat sugar (confectionery or other) between meals.

This requires a small organization and good habits. In addition to brushing teeth, which is now well explained to young people, teaching them the use of interdental thread and tongue scrapers is very valuable for them: for their breath that will always remain fresh and for their health.
As for the others, it is really useful to be well equipped to take good care of yourself: oral hygiene is not limited to a toothbrush changed when the hairs are too tired!


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