Five Rounds In The UFC World

Five rounds in the UFC world

Five rounds in the UFC world

Round 1

Ryan Bader will likely be the next name to add to the list of fighters who have left the UFC to join the ranks of Bellator. UFC President Dana White confirmed to USA Today that the organization will not match Bellator’s offer. “Darth” had decided to sell his contract with the UFC until the end, last November, with his headlining bout against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. With this victory by K.-O. Bader believed he had won his bet for a negotiation on the rise. The UFC had three months to play his cards before his contract employee could go elsewhere. Obviously, it was not tempting for the heavyweight fighter. Bellator invited to the bargaining table, and the UFC quickly withdrew. The queen organization has the final say on the offers of an employee whose contract has just ended. But the UFC will not release as much money as Bellator to have Bader in its ranks.

The one who was in the fourth division ranked his first appearance in the UFC in December 2008. He played twenty fights with the organization. Five were defeats. But of his fifteen victories, one counts that against the current champion of the light heavy weights of Bellator; Phil Davis. “Mr. Wonderful” left the UFC after this defeat by split decision in January 2015. Since then, he has lost no other fight. Bellator therefore has an additional advantage that justifies its interest in Bader.

Remains that he remains a fighter who leaves several supporters indifferent. Bader is devoid of charisma, both inside and outside the cage. And his combat style, although technically excellent at the level of the fight, is far from spectacular. Perhaps Bellator’s more theatrical venue will better promote amateur interest in “Darth” Bader. It’s an approved choice!

Round 2

Meanwhile, the UFC remains thirsty for headlines. Big sellers are scarce. She activates frantically to convince brothers Nate and Nick Diaz to return to the octagon. But none is satisfied with the offers brought to the table. The last one in the running? Eddie Alvarez. The UFC wants to pair the last two fighters to have lost to their super-star Conor McGregor. In addition, the former lightweight champion has a history with the Skrap Pack, the brotherhood of the Diaz. At UFC 188, Alvarez beat another member of the pack. Gilbert Melendez had declined by a split decision. And behind the scenes of the Mexican arena, Nate and Eddie had launched insults.
Round 3

The instant video resume could be used soon in mixed martial arts. The Rules Committee of the Association of Boxing and Combat Sports Committees discussed this aspect. The recovery would be only possible at first to watch the sequences that end a fight. In the case of MAs, for bids and put-outs alleged to have been committed as a result of illegal action (finger in the eye, kick, knee or elbow prohibited, etc.). Officials will be able to review the footage of the action before making a discretionary decision. If the gesture was legal, the author will be declared a winner. Otherwise, the judges will determine whether they win the opponent by disqualification or end the bout without determining a winner. The resume will therefore not be used to see if a fighter has typed due to a submission. No combat will be resumed after viewing the images.The annual meeting of the committee will take place at the end of July. It is at this moment that the project of instant video takeover will be put to the vote.

Round 4

The UFC 208 is on our doorstep. Apart from fire alarm tests in the hotel, everything went smoothly on the wheels during the morning weigh-in. Almost all the fighters made the weight for the first PPV in 2017. Justin Willis is the only athlete not to have appeared on the scales. He was declared “medically incapable fighter. These gentlemen must display fewer than 266 books on the athletic board’s scale. In a publication on his Facebook page, Willis explained that his body had been extinguished during his weight loss process the day before. His fight against Marcin Tybura was wiped off Saturday’s card. Willis had accepted this confrontation, a week’s notice, after the withdrawal of Luis Henrique Barbosa de Oliveira. That would have been his first fight in the UFC.
Round 5

Unless a major turnaround, and we do not want to wish him bad, Ian McCall will finally fight this Saturday! The UFC’s most unlucky fighter will cross the line with Jarred Brooks on the UFC 208 map. He will not have set foot in the octagon for more than two years. The last time, he was beaten by John Lineker. Subsequent months of rest followed to recover from wounds to one hand. Since then, he had to withdraw from his fight against Dustin Ortiz in August 2015. At UFC 201 his opponent Justin Scoggins had weight loss problems and the fight was canceled two days before the gala. In September, Ray Borg has to withdraw from the planned clash with McCall. In November, “Uncle Creepy” is sick. He will not be able to face Neil Seery in what was announced as the last fight of the Irishman’s career in Belfast. The Seery-McCall fight was postponed to UFC 208 … to be canceled two weeks ago. Seery’s mother-in-law died suddenly, and the fighter wants to be with his wife for this painful ordeal.

McCall will have the chance to welcome UFC to Jarred Brooks. The undefeated fighter in twelve fights was evolving within the organization Pancrase. The two pugilists have oscillated the balance below the limit weight of 126 pounds and, therefore, the fight is official! It remains a few hours before “Uncle Creepy” lets go of his frustration in recent months.


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