Dentures Could Cost Billions

Dentures could cost billions

For many refugees the denture must be extensively renovated. The costs could go into billions. Money, for which the social welfare funds would ultimately have to pay.

Dentists fear that the treatment of refugees could soon cost billions. For at least the asylum seekers, who come to their practices because of complaints, the condition of the dentition is often catastrophic. The Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg confirms this: “For a large part of the , there is a need for comprehensive dental treatment or rehabilitation of the dentures. This is associated with corresponding , “said Director Knuth Wolf of our newspaper.

In the first 15 months of their stay in Germany, asylum seekers are only entitled to treatment for acute illnesses or painful conditions. After that they get the same access to dentures as insured persons of the statutory health insurance funds. There are currently no estimates for the total expenses. However, experts estimate that costs of € 10,000 per complete treatment will be incurred. Given the number of refugees, this could quickly add up to billions of euros. They would probably remain attached to the social funds.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to continue her course to tackle the refugee crisis against all criticism.assured Turkey of the EU’s € 3 billion out of reach of the 2.5 million refugees living in Syria.


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