Dentists Advertise Trust

Dentists advertise trust

Dentists advertise trust

The cost of prostheses for refugees could go into billions, warn experts.The medical profession emphasizes their sense of responsibility. The AOK is against a rationing of benefits.

Stuttgart – The Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung (KZV) of  and the  Baden-Württemberg have warned that the subject of dental care for refugees should be viewed exclusively from the cost side. “First and foremost, it is a question of the” medical assessment and the decision whether and what treatment is necessary, “said Ute Maier, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Dental Medicine, on Sunday.

Previously, our newspaper had reported exclusively on the fears of dentists that the treatment of refugees would soon result in billions of costs for health of the dentures,” said Knuthwolf, director of the Kassztahnärztlichen Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg. This is associated with corresponding costs Experts estimated the cost of a complete treatment to about 10,000 euros.

The provision of health care also changes with the right of residence

In the first 15 months of his stay, the escaped had to get the necessary dental care, which he really needed in terms of his personal dental status, said Maier. “The , and only he, is in a position to make a responsible assessment of this.” In this case, complete treatments of € 10,000 or more are excluded.If the fugitive is recognized and has a residence permit in Germany, his / her health care will also change. Then he is compulsorily insured in statutory health insurance on the basis of a possible employment relationship or as an unemployed person.

“Neither social-medics nor rationing of health services bring us here. Anyone who is legally insured has a uniform performance claim, regardless of whether he comes from an EU state or had to flee from a war zone, “said AOK chief Christopher Hermann. It is precisely in the field of refugee fiction that more reliance on medical and dental expertise is needed.


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