Decayed teeth may be repaired using stem cells


It revolutionized the field of dentistry could be by means of a treatment used to treat Alzheimer’s. A new drug originally created to treat Alzheimer’s disease could eliminate the need plombării teeth and molars. The new therapy works by stimulating stem cells, which ultimately would fill the cavities with dentin natural calcified material that protects the center of the tooth, notes Sekeer quoted

According to new research conducted under King’s College London, could replace the use of synthetic fillers, which dentists they normally used for filling holes in the tooth.

The process of producing natural body is designed to protect dentin tooth tissue. By accelerating production of dentin using stem cells, the drug could repair large holes even teeth.

The procedure is much simpler and less painful. The treatment is applied by using collagen sponges that are placed in the gap. Biodegradable sponges containing a drug that stimulates the production of stem cells and regeneration of the dentin. Meanwhile, tooth fill alone, without the need of using fillings.

The product has already been used in clinical trials for dental problems, as well as for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. 

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