In The Bootcamp Of Good Life

In the bootcamp of good life

This is called comfort in Denmark . Half the world wants to learn from the Danes how to make it nice inside, when it becomes more uncomfortable outside.

It starts where so much in Denmark ends: in theholiday house . And, nothing against the North Sea. Nothing against sand, nothing against the purple of the heathen grass, nothing against this coasts, and nothing against the wind. And even against Denmark , you can not object in principle, even in winter, if the streets of the island of Fanø are full of hoarfrost and the cottages are like abandoned, fully furnished human space. Only in one, just before the dune, does light burn. In it, I am living, and so the problem now begins: I want to learn to make it comfortable for me. That is why I am here, on this island, in South Denmark.

But I am not alone. In the meantime, half the world of Denmark wants to learn how to get comfortable. How this is done: the genuine, the true, the good and the beautiful; How to dim the light and dampen the outside world. The Danes call it  . Only recently, they have chosen hygge in their official cultural channel, in a breath with the Danish language, with freedom and equality and Christian heritage. The American magazine New York spoke of 2016 as the  the British Guardian even suspected a  conspiracy. In recent months, many books have  to a state of mind, a kind of mysterious form of life-fortune, invented in the country, which according to the World Happiness Index is one of the happiest on earth . Where, in spite of the highest tax rate, you can not pause over the attitudes of those up there and even the sockets look so cheerfully, as if they could hardly wait for something to be inserted into them. a bootcamp of good life.

At the beginning of January, Fanø was almost a ghost island island, only an occasional van from Osnabrück bend from an entrance, a small family bus from Nordfriesland stands lonely in a parking lot. Otherwise only 3,000 inhabitants are here. Most of them take the ferry to Esbjerg in the morning, where the power plant burns into the sky, and in the evening, usually at around five, they come back, stroll to the beach, open a red wine and breathe red wine , Americans and Germans then envy them: They make themselves hygge lig .


But has humanity outside Denmark s really forgotten that wool socks provide warm feet and that hot cocoa makes winter happy? Everyone who once was a child, I think, and drink a beer on the dune like in this one advertisement, because I have to practice myself. I have no talent for comfort.

In the holiday house everything would be there. The candles are innocent and white in their stands. In the corner are the oven and the heavy stoker, the fridge is full, the house coat hangs in the bathroom next to the jacuzzi, from sauna was also something in the catalog. And in the shelves under the TV lies the game collection, possibly even completely. The holiday home tries. The holiday home can not do anything for it.


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