A new application for the blind

application blind

Blind people in the capital will be able to travel more easily by public transport, after 500 transport RATB will be made accessible using transmitters special will be transmitted via a mobile application, license number that comes into the station, informs Mediafax .

The application that will allow blind people moving easier by public transport is developed within the project “Smart public transport” by Tandem Association in partnership with Vodafone Romania Foundation.

Under the project, 500 vehicles of urban transport will be made accessible using special transmitters, called iBeacon sites, which will be transmitted via a mobile app, the number of means of transport arriving at the station. In this way, people with visual impairments in Bucharest can move around more easily by public transport.

Association director Tandem, Florin Georgescu said on Thursday, in the second edition of the conference “Mediafax Talks about Technology for Social Change”, organized in partnership with Vodafone Romania, this partnership aims at designing a broader package of accessibility urban what means sighted.

Florin Georgescu explained that the application was designed so that the interaction between the user and the phone should be as easy. Virtually blind person enter the number of means of transport that needs to be informed before it reaches the station, and a different signal will warn that the car arrived.

“The bus I need beeps and makes me to orient myself instantly, without asking what bus arrived. This is the first time the idea of integration, accessibility Urban is approached from a technological standpoint. I I do not how to throw a thought to those who had to make social inclusion and did it, “said Florin Georgescu.

The role of the “Smart public transport” is to implement a package of multimodal urban accessibility for people with visual impairments, based on new technologies.

Project promoters estimate that Bucharest could be 7,000 monthly users and 94,000 interactions.

The application will start operating by the end of Bucharest, will be further developed in Cluj, Brasov, Timisoara and Iasi.

The project is part of the ‘Mobile for Good’ Vodafone Romania Foundation. So far 11 projects have been developed, national and regional, which benefits thousands of people who, because of technology, have a better life.

“Earlier this year we had a round of funding of the type open call for proposals, in which we received 71 applications and selected eight new projects totaling over half a million. All of these projects is expected to begin within one month.

Non-governmental organizations who plan the use of mobile technology to solve real problems in education and health, and for the benefit of disadvantaged people physically, socially and economically, so can apply for funding.

Vodafone Romania Foundation has funded in 17 years, over 848 programs in health, education, social services were offered to children, youth, elderly, physically disadvantaged, socially or economically. So far, Vodafone Romania Foundation has invested 20 million euros in projects carried out by non-profit partner. Vodafone Romania Foundation is a Romanian non-governmental organization with charitable status, distinct and independent from the commercial operations of the company, established in 1998.

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