A German company has invented a system for extracting heat from ice

german comppany


A German firm has achieved international distinction “Home of the Future” for a heating system based on ice.

New technology made the company Huf Haus and designed in collaboration with Viessmann was fired experimentally in a house presentation Wezbridge, Surrey (UK). Ice storage system offers a renewable energy source to heat or cool a building and for obtaining hot water.

The system includes one or more tanks equipped with extraction technology and heat recovery that are filled with 10 cubic meters of water and installed in the ground. During the transformation of water into ice, the heat is captured and accumulated.

A pool of this size generates heat equivalent results in about 100 liters of fuel. This innovative method based on a pond with ice and a solar panel, a source of energy independent.

Award for technical achievement this was offered at a gala held annually in the UK, dedicated to innovation in heating technology.

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