5 important things you need to know about keywords and SEO



Attract visitors and increase conversion are the main goals of the many who run a business online.  Gabriel Shaoolian (founder of Blue Fountain Media, a company specializing in online marketing) believe that the first step to achieve online success starts with implementing a search engine optimization, combined with a effective strategy of choice keywords.

A good position on the search results pages of search engines can mean a giant leap in increasing traffic to their business. Specifically, 94.75% of clikuri search conducted after appearing on the first page of search engines and website receives 143% more traffic when climbing from 11th position (on the second page) at position 10 (on first).

Obviously the concern to get a better position for the keywords you must be a priority for your business. Here are five issues that could be useful to the selection of keywords and SEO.

1. The following three components of the site must be optimized with relevant keywords

Domain name: the keywords in the domain name had great value for SEO, meaning that your site will appear more often in search results for this term.

URL : A clear structure of the URL also has significant value for SEO and can positively influence and interaction with site users.

Title Tags – Title sends signals to the search engines about the type of content on a web page and search engines use this data to send users who search on relevant pages. So whose title page is not relevant to content, will receive less traffic. This is one of the easiest aspects of improved SEO. If we find keywords among the first words that make up the title, it is better for SEO. On the other hand, crowding a large number of keywords in title, SEO reduce the value of each of them.

2. Quality content

One of the best ways to attract relevant traffic to your site is to create original content and quality. The site regularly updated with useful and interesting information is a successful strategy for many online businesses. Make sure you add content relevant to your goals. Avoid tactics “black hat” when you write for your site, because quality content always emerges victorious from the battle with spam.

3. Link Building

The process of link building involves increasing the number of links to dumneavoastra.Este one of the best ways to increase site rank, but also is among the most difficult. If Google sees a lot of links from valuable sites to your site, consider this a sign that the website offers informative quality and therefore increases its page rank. How can you increase the number of links? By exchanging links , being listed in directories, newsletters and search engines. Here are avoided and tactics “black hat” that can attract penalties from the search engines.

4. Pay-per-click

PPC (pay per click) is a more complicated process. But even before consulting a specialist, you should know the basic things. PPC is an advertising model that increases traffic to your site. You need to establish which group is most appropriate keywords for your business and you select those that will help people to find you. Advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their target audience. Prices can vary between 5 cents and 50 dollars per click.

Ideally identify keywords that have high search volume and low competition. Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center are the three largest advertising platform dedicated to this model.

5.  Social Media

Because it is an environment occurred more recently, many entrepreneurs do not yet know to exploit it properly. Some businesses only create spam on social networks with promotions and products, while others successfully use this medium to reinforce its online reputation.

Most popular search terms differ from platform to platform, so do not think that within a top Google is as good for Facebook or YouTube.

Moreover, you must start thinking for example the use of keywords in conversations – which means a totally different context by search engines. Your goal is to convince the customer to do something, whether it be to give a “like” on Facebook, subscribe to a newsletter or buy a product. So you must know and understand users seeking behavior that varies depending on the platform they use.

Establishing keywords and SEO are integral parts of online marketing and can be extremely useful in promoting your business. For best results, you should seek specialist. Trafic.ro recommend a complete SEO audit, which our expert can do specifically for your site.

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